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"Fast Track Your Sales" With AM640 Host Paul Tobey's Uncomplicated Guide to Growing Your Online Presence

Paul Tobey, CEO

Host of AM640's Business Pros Radio Show and lead trainer for this special event. Paul has been at the forefront of digital marketing in Canada for the past 12 years and has helped over 50,000 businesses adopt proven digital marketing solutions and helped companies earn millions.
Paul Tobey - CEO
Fast Track Your Sales With...
  •  The New Google Rank Brain updates so you can get more targeted traffic
  •  How to buy low cost targeted traffic on Adwords so you can generate more leads
  •  How to quickly build high converting landing pages so you can segment and qualify more leads
  •  Marketing & sales automation to achieve greater sales
Stop relying on your "web guy" who very likely doesn't know any of this stuff!
Thursday, January 25th
9am - 5pm
Catch this upcoming presentation to see what you should be focusing on to empower your online influence in 2018.
25 Lesmill Rd.
Toronto ON
Spend the day with us and walk away with high value action items that you can implement right away.
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What Is "Fast Track My Sales"?
Fast Track My Sales is the ULTIMATE bang-for-your-buck workshop for highly-effective & easy-to-implement Digital Marketing training! 

This information-packed training session focuses on what matters most and makes the biggest impact in your small-medium sized business.

You’ll discover the key fundamental areas that skyrocket business exposure and profits through online/digital marketing.
When you leave this workshop, you’ll have the necessary information to immediately accomplish more in the following week than most business can accomplish in 1 month.
$397 => $97
Get our 7-Day Special Promotion Email Series Template FREE ($997 Value)
When you want to generate a reliable and consistent flow of highly qualified leads for your business and you don’t have the time or money to hire a full time marketing team, then this could be one of the MOST IMPORTANT workshops you've ever attended.
We know this sounds like a bold claim, but let us explain ….

If you haven’t already come across our name in the Digital Marketing Space yet, we are Training Business Pros (Canada’s leading digital marketing training company) and the trainers for this "Fast Track My Sales" workshop.

In the past 10 years we’ve training over 50,000 businesses across Canada & USA, helping them create paid and free traffic, build a website that captures User Experience, design landing pages that convert traffic into qualified leads, automate the back-end sales pipeline and build more profitable businesses.
“Personally I found the marketing concepts exponentially more valuable than the technical aspects. Tech SME's are a dime a dozen, but what Paul & TBP provide is one of a kind. I would like to see a session dedicated fully to marketing concepts and strategies.”

– Ben Tight
 Method 180
(Current Client)
“Training Business Pros’ talent to show business-owners how to effectively utilize digital marketing tools to grow and expand has been fantastic! For a ‘numbers and data guy’ like myself, they have shown me countless “secrets/strategies” to help effectively market myself and my company to the world.”

– Gerry Anderson
Business Advisor and CFO
I highly recommend you attend one of their training seminars and training programs. I have personally attended and flourished as an internet marketer and professional speaker due to Training Business Pros courses. More importantly, I have increased my income substantially. Paul’s strength is his honest desire to help his students as he shares from his practical, successful experience. He has built and highly skilled and profitable training company. You will not be disappointed by Paul and his attentive team.”

– Terry Allison
 Digital Marketer
$397 => $97
Get our 7-Day Special Promotion Email Series Template FREE ($997 Value)
But There Is Some Bad News...
I’m sure you’ve heard it before ….

Whether it’s your friends, family members, industry colleagues, or even your own intuition … “IT’S BECOMING INCREASINGLY HARDER TO COMPETE AND SUCCESSFULLY ADVERTISE ONLINE”.

Building an online following and growing your business is completely shifting and, if you thought it was competitive now, just wait a couple more months. You may feel like a fish out of water when it comes to online marketing, or that your business is beginning to drown in a sea of competition online.

And even if you do recognize all of this, the reality is you may not have the money to hire a team, or the time to learn what ACTUALLY works to implement it.
But It Doesn't Have to Be This Way
In fact, at Training Business Pros we’ve not only helped our clients stay afloat in this competitive landscape, we’ve actually DOUBLED, or in some cases TRIPLED their leads and revenue.
$397 => $97
Get our 7-Day Special Promotion Email Series Template FREE ($997 Value)
Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website so it ranks as high as possible on a search engine results page (ideally the top/#1 spot).
The reality is the majority of business websites, including your competitor’s, don’t understand how to do this, at all! Which is GREAT for you!

And we not only get amazing SEO results for our clients everyday, but we do this for our OWN business (see results image on the right).

Think about it… When you do a Google search, do you look past any of the top 3-5 results?
“I’ve attended several Internet Marketing Seminars, and was skeptical about attending this one – they all seemed to teach the same thing. BUT! Your session was much different! I’ve learnt new things that are going to make a massive impact in our business! Thanks!
– Theresa Gregorio, Marketing Coordinator at Michdyne Corp.
“After attending this seminar I was able to double my site’s traffic in less than 6 months! And considering I was already getting a significant amount of traffic, this is remarkable. I highly recommend Paul and his training to everyone!”
– Jean Cote, Business & Marketing Automation Consultant
Many businesses try their hand at pay-per-click advertising with Google Adwords, but unfortunately most of them fail. Creating a campaign in Google Adwords is easy. However, optimizing it for lower cost per click and higher conversion rates is the true test for digital marketers.
In this seminar, we will share with you our most coveted and highly effective Adwords strategies for gaining high quality and targeted traffic and higher conversion rates. Whether your goal is to create sales conversions or simply new lead conversions, we have plenty of experience and tried-and-true methods that work across most, if not all, industry verticals.

Imagine paying as little as $6 for a B2C lead? Imagine paying as little as $16 for a quality B2B lead?
It used to take an average of 4 to 7 touch-points for buyers to make a decision. Recent studies put this number closer to 25 . Why is that? Mostly because the Internet created a vast array of information for them to sift through. Therefore, they’re looking for plenty of proof, competitive pricing, simple explanations etc.

Because of this, we’ve learned that the company who responds to their inquiries the quickest, and with the most valuable information and easiest path to follow, is the one that gets the sale.

In order to make that happen, you must learn the new world of marketing and sales automation. As the leading implementers for the advanced automated CRM Infusionsoft in Canada, we are experts in automating the 5 key areas of business: marketing, sales, fulfillment, HR or internal, and finance.

In this seminar we’ll show you some really cool and super specific systems and processes that we’ve automated to create more leads, segment and nurture them properly and increase conversions significantly.
“I started the 1st internet business in Barrie in 1995. I’ve been involved in the business since then and thought I knew a fair amount about internet marketing. I’m almost embarrassed by what I don’t know and what I found out in just 3 hours!”
– Chris Edgar, CEO
$397 => $97
Get our 7-Day Special Promotion Email Series Template FREE ($997 Value)
If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s this …..
In our experience, we see too many business owners with all the right ingredients, but the wrong recipe.

And if you take action on the material from this one-day intensive, we have no doubt you’re going to get incredible results! 

That’s why we’re going to allow you to attend with absolutely NO RISK at all. If you don’t feel you got 10X your money’s worth by the end of the event, then you’ll get your money back...

$397 => $97
Get our 7-Day Special Promotion Email Series Template FREE ($997 Value)
Thursday, January 25th
9 am - 5 pm
Catch this upcoming presentation to see what you should be focusing on to empower your online influence in 2018!
25 Lesmill Rd.
Toronto ON
Join us for breakfast and hang out with us for 5 hours at Training Business Pros Headquarters!
Limited Space
Only 30 Seats Available
You should not be waiting too long to sign up. These are strategies you'll need to learn before your competitors.
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If all this did for you was increase your leads by 10%, would it be worth it?
“Paul Tobey knows Digital Marketing! I’ve taken several courses with him and all of them have proved to be invaluable in moving my business forward. His knowledge of Internet Marketing, and the use of it within the business world is the best.”

– Sonia Weller, Senior Manager at Unicity Franchise Owner
“Thank you Paul for your tools, techniques, insights, for inspiring us to be better marketers, and for delivering your presentation with passion and enthusiasm. It was fun and not boring!”

– Cyndi Fleming-Alton
The Soulful Web
"A couple of years ago, I had no confidence in doing my marketing until I took Paul Tobey’s course! It was one of the best life-changing and career turnaround decision ever! (better than any University course I had taken).”

– Rodney Ronquillo, Entrepreneur
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